An artificially generated 3D array of a single scalar. The database contains 100 such arrays (Tasks). For each Task, the mean and standard deviation of the scalar is stored, as well as the 'Simulation type' and 'Model type'. By filtering on these properties, the user selects a subset of Tasks for further plotting (line, contour and 3D surfaces).

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3 stage compressor

A database of 99 computations of a 3-stage axial compressor, run at several operating conditions at 3 speeds, is stored. Filter the tasks using 'Design', 'Speed' and 'Pressure ratio'. Scatter plots showing pressure ratio and efficiency chractersitics update interactively as the filter is changed. For the selected Tasks, additional data for line, contour and 3D surface plots can be requested and plotted.

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UK river levels

95 river level monitoring stations, covering 3 catchment areas and 30 rivers are availble for filtering. The location of each measurement station (Task) in the current selection is shown on a map. River level data, for the last 4 weeks, are obtained for the Task selection by making a request to the UK Environment Agency real-time data API; once received, dbslice reformats and plots the data.

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More information on these examples can be found in these papers:

Small building-block examples are available on bl.ocks.org.

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